The Haunted Manor Opera in POSK Theatre, London – Oxford Prospect

An age old Polish favourite classic opera came to London, The Haunted Manor with the libretto by Jan Checinski and music by Stanislaw Moniuszko. It was performed by an excellent group of professional opera singers, The Orchestra of POSK, and the very proficient amateur Mazury YMCA Dance Group of London. Feliks Tarnawski was the drama Director, and Stephen Ellery and Alexander Walker were the Conductors. The plot has two elements, one romantic and the other patriotic, representing 2 views of life in a Polish country manor house –firstly, idyllic family life and, secondly, patriotic readiness to fight for Poland’s independence during the 3 partitions time (when Russia, Prussia and Austria occupied Poland:1772 – 1793 – 1795). The original opera was first performed at the Teatr Wielki, Warsaw in 1865 only three times, before it was banned by the Russian Empire censors, because of its Polish revolutionary undertones.

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