Why trams are Oxford’s big bang solution!

In the local media including the Oxford Mail and other forums, there has been
much debate as how to solve Oxford’s and the surrounding areas ongoing traffic
congestion problems. I see that Oxford Bus Company has lost one million
passengers so far due to congestion and road works

In last weeks Oxford Mail, there have been suggested several proposals.

One suggestion has been a guided busway along the A40 to Witney
However, there are problems with such a proposal as Cambridge Guided Busway has
found, resulting in £31 million of defects see
And here is the case against guided busways in Cambridge, but the same would
apply here in Oxfordshire see

Another rival and more practical proposal would be development of a tram
network as proposed
The Trams for Oxford report argues that a tram network would attract a wider
range of users than a bus-based solution.
Such a concept has been put in place in many British cities such as Manchester,
Nottingham, Edinburgh, Oxford’s twin city Grenoble and Croydon.
A tram solution is one of the concepts being proposed by

Also, modern trams do not need to obtain power from overhead wires, as they can
use batteries, see http://www.railway-technology.com/projects/nice-trams/

Hopefully, we might see trams linking Headington with Witney in ten years time.
It would certainly reduce the amount of traffic, noise and pollution we have to
suffer living in Oxford today.

See on Scoop.itOxford Today


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