How to market your book – some rough notes

the oil traders words30 March 2013
Written by: Nicholas Newman

In 2009, over a million different fiction books were published in English in the United States alone, reports UNESCO. This means it is a tough world out there. You will need to market your book aggressively, if you are to succeed. Here are some brief notes that could help you in your endeavours.

Many writers of books, whether it is an academic, fiction or non-fiction publication, just think all they have to do is write the book. Unfortunately, this is only the first stage to potential publishing success. There is still much work by an author to be done, if you are going to achieve any potential book sales for your printed publication or e-book. Here are a few suggestions how you can promote your new book in the tough world of publishing.

Getting your book ready
No doubt you have already checked your manuscript for the inevitable spelling and grammar mistakes. The next step you will need to take is to have it properly evaluated and assessed. Most amateur authors will have their manuscript checked over for free by a friend, whilst more experienced authors, will hire the services of a professional editor like Oxford Editors or Isis Editorial.

Whoever, you ask to look at your book; he or she needs to assess your manuscript with a jaundiced eye. As a book reviewer, I find too many books that are simply unreadable and long-winded because they have a poor narrative structure, could do with some copy-editing and would be a better book if severely pruned.

Such editorial experts offer a number of services including checking the narrative structure, copy-edit, proof read and even rewriting parts of the book to make it more readable.

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