A Forgotten Masterpiece: Rutherford and Son by Githa Sowerby

“At the Oxford Playhouse until Saturday 2nd March.”

By: Julia Gasper.

This play about the tensions and power-struggles inside an Edwardian industrialist’s family is a major one and the revival by Jonathan Miller (no less) is totally justified.

In fact the neglect of this play proves Germaine Greer’s theory about the short-lived nature of female literary success. Recognized in its own time as a very serious achievement, even by those who spoke of women writers with condescension, the play was promptly buried and the name of Githa Sowerby has only recently been rescued from oblivion. http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/A-Forgotten-Masterpiece-Rutherford-and-Son-by-Githa-Sowerby.html

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