Medicare Reading Clinic celebrates one year of success.

Medicare Reading Clinic celebrates one year of success.
“Medicare Reading’s Oxford Road Clinic was opened just over a year ago by four trained Doctors. This new private medical practice, employing the latest medical equipment and highly trained staff has proved a magnet for people from Berkshire and Oxfordshire looking for good quality, patient- focused affordable healthcare for themselves and their family. “

Location: Reading,

medicare doctor
Today this clinic has a team of eight experienced Polish- trained English speaking medical professionals and includes one GP Doctor who is also a paediatrician, two gynaecologists and a dentist, psychologist, life coach, aesthetics medicine practitioner and last but not least two masseurs.

Medicare Reading offers a ‘one stop’ clinic providing diagnosis and treatments including check-ups, and medical examinations, minor surgical treatments, women’s well-being (for example cervical smears), men’s health ( including checking for prostate disease), paediatric health, travel & flu vaccinations, blood tests, blood pressure monitoring and much more.

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