CargoBeamer Calais story

“Put the truck on the train”

By: Philip Hunt 9 November 2012

cargibeamer loading at calais

“Too many trucks on Europe’s roads!” That’s the view, albeit a subjective one, held by many car drivers. It is a view backed by the European Commission, which says that a cargo truck plying Europe’s roads will currently spend around half of its working life empty – returning from a delivery or travelling to pick up its next shipment.[1]

The arguments, then, are familiar. Some people believe freight should be off the roads, others point out that 90% of all road freight is short-distance delivery anyway.[2] Yet one aspect is unarguable, and that is the environmental cost of road transport. Fuel costs are rising, while emissions remain a concern. Heavy-duty road vehicles, argue the Commission, represent around 25% of all EU CO2 emissions from road transport, and some 6% of total EU emissions.[3]

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