The Art of Innovation Leadership

“This is a review by Nicholas Newman of Victor Newman’s book entitled “The Innovators Got To Do It-Understanding the Art of Innovation Leadership” published by knowledge works books in 2010.”  

Every day, there is some story in the media about governments, universities and companies succeeding or failing at innovation. Though, the most common complaint, you will hear is that there is a lack of an innovation culture. This is despite great innovations occurring around the world, including Kalashnikovs AK-47, still the most used assault rifle to the simple post-it note that you see littering documents all over the world.

The trouble is, organisations, whether large or small find it very difficult to create an innovative leadership culture, perhaps a good example of this is Japan’s Sony Corp, which has not produced an innovative world beating consumer product since the Walkman. Moreover, the questions, amongst many observers is, will Apple continue to maintain its innovative leadership, now that Steve Jobs has sadly passed away.


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