Panasonic Toughbook 31

Panasonic Toughbook’s are simply great!

By Nicholas Newman They are built to survive the hardest of conditions. So they are ideal if you are embedded in a Middle Eastern war or an energy correspondent like myself working in the snows of Siberia or in the jungles of Indonesia. In effect, they are designed to meet any of the banana skins, acts of God and black Swans that today’s journalist or businessman faces every day. The Toughbook 31 is the latest laptop from Panasonic. It is designed to withstand a jet of water from any direction and is impervious to dust infiltration. It’s built to military grade standards, so they can be dropped by baggage handlers at the height of 180 cm. Unlike, other rival machines its 563 min of battery life, with its Intel core i5 processor, means you will get a full day’s work out of it, even when you failed to bring the correct continental plug adapter for your press trip to Brussels or the Cannes Film Festival.


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