Mother Goose Oxford

If you are looking for good old-fashioned family Christmas fun, then going to see Mother Goose at the Oxford Playhouse certainly fits the bill. Both kids and adults will enjoy this story, full of humour, political comment and fun. Even the song and dance routines were enjoyable. It was great to see and hear the audience laughing, clapping and singing along to the songs that ranged from The Monkey’s ‘I m a believer’ to the Mikado’s ‘Three little maids from school’.
Like all good British panto’s Mother Goose pokes fun at the latest developments in society. This being Oxford, it is full of local references to Oxford United and local Witney MP David Cameron. The audience really enjoyed the jokes made at Cameron’s expense with reference to his role as Prime Minister and his Oxford student days and membership of the Bullingdon Club. Other jokes, made throughout the performance, focused on various celebrities, chavs and the “makeover ” programmes that dominate television today. Be on the lookout for references to ‘Little Britain’ and ‘Gavin and Stacy’.


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