Campaigners welcome East West rail project

Campaigners welcome rail project

Rail campaigners have welcomed confirmation of two rail major projects in the Chancellor’s autumn statement. The go-ahead was given for the East West rail link from Oxford to Bedford and electrification of the trans Pennine route.
Hugh Jaeger from Railfuture said “We’ve been been campaigning for the East West rail link since the mid-1990s, so we’re delighted that it’s finally been approved. We’ve had enough of studies that have consistently shown it’s worth doing. We know that this is a busy passenger corridor where there is plenty of demand. It represents fantastic value for money for the taxpayer, as research has predicted £6 returned for every £1 spent.”

Joy at East-West Rail breakthrough

Oxfordshire County Council has expressed its joy at news that the government has approved funding for a new railway line to be built linking Oxford with the east of the country.The council has worked with its neighbouring authorities and other bodies as part of the East West Rail consortium for some time to campaign for the case to restore rail services linking Reading, Didcot, Oxford, Bicester, Aylesbury, Milton Keynes and Bedford. Public and private sector businesses from Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and beyond have long believed the project had a very strong case for Government approval – even in a time of national financial constraint.

What is East-West Rail?


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