The Play Poland Film Festival 2011 in Oxford

The Play Poland Film Festival 2011 in Oxford will be a great opportunity to see a lot of great cinema made by young Polish directors divided into four themes shown on four days during the month of October in Magdalen College. We will open on the 11.10.2011 with 3 documentaries in which youthful characters deal with different realities. Firstly there is an intriguing, intimate and borderline voyeuristic piece by Pawel Jozwiak Rodan (Mother, Father, God and Satan) in which the director is trying to organize his parent’s reunion.

were, once in love, personalities of the music industry in communist Poland, but
have drifted apart in the transformed Poland of the present day. This is
fascinating family portrait which also offers oblique and strange dichotomies on
religion. This is followed by the MC Man of vinyl by Bartosz Warwas. As said by
one of the producers “nearly true, yet not well known, story about a man without
whom the Berlin wall wouldn’t have fallen, and without whom hip hop would have
never come to Poland”. We will close this screening with “The Lucky Ones” by
Tomasz Wolski. Quite endearing, often touching and so familiar to all that have
been there, journey to a registry office in one of the Polish

Second day (19.10.2011) offers slightly lighter, however not at
all a banal selection of Polish animation. A fantastic choice of themes,
surprising dilemmas and solutions guarantees a great screening. From the
selection of 14 animations our favourite one was Orchids Fair by Nataila
Dziedzic about such ragged characters as scrap collectors and their wicked

The third day (26.10.2011) is a double bill with Decaloque 89plus
(Vol. 1 and Vol. 2). These are two film novellas shot to commemorate the
premiere of Krzysztof Kieslowski’s masterpiece Decalogue. 10 young polish
directors inspired by the original films as well as the 10 commandments will
present their take on contemporary polish society. This is something not to be


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