Olympus TG-310

The Olympus TG-310 is the latest snap and click camera to come out this year. It
is ideal for both the family and adventurer at heart. It’s aimed at those who
want to take better quality pictures and video clips than is available from the
latest mobile phone. So for people who need good images for their work like
journalists, parking wardens, engineers, surveyors and adventurers it is an
ideal piece of kit. What’s more it fits handily in my pocket and is
rechargeable. It is designed to be tough!

Its features

Olympus describes the TG-310 as waterproof to 3 metres, shockproof to 1.5
metres and freeze proof and the lenses has extra tough protection. In addition,
it is easy to upload and has a 3.6 x wide optical zoom, so ideal for climbing
Mt. Etna or scuba diving in the Caribbean. Its large bright 230,000-dot LCD
2.7”screen makes it easy for framing and viewing your photos and sharing shots
with family and friends. In addition, its dual image stabilisation helps avoid
image blur caused by camera shake or by fast moving objects. http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/OLYMPUS-TG-310.html


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