Photo by Peter Wolfes©​ Creation Theatre Company 2011
ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA set at the Said Business School Oxford

by the Creation Theatre Company.

“A review by Julia Gasper. 31 July 2011”

Location, location, location, It can make a production and it can also do its best to kill it. Creation Theatre’s new production of Antony and Cleopatra is splendid in many respects, and the lead actors, Tom Peters as Mark Antony and Lizzie Hopley as Cleopatra, both give memorable and distinguished performances of their complex, demanding roles. Antony, unkempt and louche but tough under it all, is aware that his obsession with Cleopatra is sapping his effectiveness as a soldier and a ruler. He chain-smokes his way through the tense confrontation with Octavius, and thoroughly enjoys carousing on Pompey’s ship when a timely truce is made with the enemies of Rome.


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