It’s Fine on the Rhine.

It’s Fine on the Rhine.  


“Spring break” 

By: Julia Gasper 

Julia Gasper at Flower Festival

If someone suggested going on a Spring break somewhere relaxing, where you could enjoy, sunshine, fresh air, flowers, picturesque towns, green mountains and quality local wines, what destination would come into your mind? France, Spain, Greece? Madeira, Majorca? Turkey? Maybe Germany would not be your first answer, yet all of those things can be enjoyed in Eastern Germany, which is closer to us than the Costa Brava. South of the industrial area, there is a spacious rural and wine-growing country, through which wind the rivers Rhine, Moselle and their tributaries. It’s a great place to relax without getting bored.

Castor Church at Coblenz

I was fortunate enough to be invited to an event at the Wasserschloss Neuenhof, a beautiful moated manor-house at Ludenscheid, near Altena, so it was there that our journey began.’s-Fine-on-the-Rhine.html


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