A look at Spring in Oxford

Daffodil Time.

A look at Spring in Oxford

daffodilsJulia Gasper 6 July 2011

I sometimes think that if we had to have only one flower in the whole year – a sort of Desert Island flower – it would have to be the daffodil. Nothing else quite so joyously announces that Spring has come around again.

This year I have been noticing how the fancy varieties of daffodil are getting more and more predominant until you can hardly find any of the ordinary, old-fashioned, plain ones, by which I mean yellow daffodils, with a trumpet in the middle, and just a single, not a double flower. There are every other possible kind to be seen – many of them white, which are all very well for contrast now and then, but not really as cheerful as the familiar golden daffodil of childhood memory. There are white daffodils with a yellow middle, or a flat orange middle, looking like a fried egg, and there are those fussy little white narcissi, with several heads on one stalk. I have even seen some so-called daffodils that look like chrysanthemums, with spiky petals sticking out in all directions – whatever is the point of that http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/Daffodil-Time.html


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