Natural Gas Markets in the Middle East and North Africa

“edited by Bassam Fattouh and Jonathan Stern” 
A book review by Nicholas Newman 20 March 2011 

A Middle East Gas Puzzle

Recent events in Libya and Bahrain have been of great concern to many foreign investors, operators and governments concerned with the potential threat of disruption of gas supplies. So far, for Europe, it is fortunate that gas imports from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region have not been affected significantly. This book explains the importance of this region’s gas resources to the world.

What is this publication about?

This book examines the possibility that the MENA region could face a possible ‘gas crisis’ by the end of the decade, which could pose a potential threat to Europe’s gas imports from a region that contains an estimated 40% of the world’s gas reserves. It examines and comments on the individual trends and policies that affect each of the markets that make up the MENA region.

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