Greek Cookery Class

Greek Cookery Class is back on Sunday 23 January 2:30pm-6:30pm and the details: 

On this session you’ll learn to make a traditional Greek dish and a side or two. The class is held close to Liverpool Street/Old Street stations and is open to meat eaters as well as vegetarians. Please let me know which you prefer upon booking, or I’ll assume you are a meat eater if meat is included in the menu.

We’ll cook and eat Greek food together, all within 4 hours. The cost is £40* per person, pre-payment only. The fee includes all ingredients, your meal plus a generous doggy bag to take home as well.

You need to bring a couple of food containers to bring some of the food home with you and your drink. That’s it!

It’s very informal, good fun and you get to meet people who share the love of food and cooking together. To sign up, email me back with your name and anyone else you’d like to sign up, friend/colleague/partner

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