Save Headington Library

Headington Library
8 December 2010

Save Bury Knowle Library

Julia Gasper of Friends of Bury Knowle Library launches petition to stop the closure of Headington’s library situated in the grounds of Bury Knowle Park. Julia invites all users of Bury Knowle Library to sign the following e-petition:

We the undersigned petition the council to abandon its plan to close the public library in Bury Knowle Park, Headington.

One thought on “Save Headington Library

  1. Friends of Bury Knowle Library is a small group I formed about ten
    years in response to one of the council’s earlier threats to close the
    (There have been many!)
    I’m afraid we have no website and the list of members was only in a
    small notebook which I used to keep somewhere. But it looked good at
    the top of a petition which I organized and which may have influenced
    the council in its decision to spare the library at that time.
    It was named FBKL around the time when they changed the name from
    Bury Knowle Library to just “Headington Library”. The change of name
    was significant as if the council does not altogether close the
    library it would very much like to move it into some smaller and less
    attractive premises, so that the beautiful park can be sold off for
    development. Various shops were considered as alternative sites. The
    Libdems and Labour city councillors did not oppose this. Apparently
    the park is owned by the City and leased to the County, which is of
    course a complete waste of public money. If the City just gave it
    outright, we could all save council tax.
    The present crisis is being used by the council as an excuse to
    close down libraries which they actually have a statutory obligation to provide.
    So that is what FBKL is. Would you like to join? There is no
    subscription, you just have to supply your name and address and tell
    me you have a library card.
    Julia Gasper.
    22, Trinity Road, Headington Oxford OX3 8LQ
    Tel. Ox. 764562.

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