Cuba’s Energy Future: Strategic Approaches to Cooperation

A book review by Nicholas Newman 04 December 2010
Cuba’s Energy Future is written by a team of policy makers, scholars and analysts at Washington’s Brookings Institute, led by Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado. This book, poses the challenging question what steps can Cuba take to achieve both short term and long-term energy sustainability and self-sufficiency. The often-complex solutions are based on three alternative scenarios of little change, some reforms and a full liberalisation of the Cuban economy will surprise many readers not familiar with the Cuba’s energy sector or the developing world.

One thought on “Cuba’s Energy Future: Strategic Approaches to Cooperation

  1. For those interested, I have just reviewed the book that was launched at the event Cuba’s Energy Future: Strategic Approaches to Cooperation, Edited by Jonathan Benjamin-Alvarado, Brookings Institute, November 2010. see: I agree it is important to add the environmental issues in such a study perhaps this website could consider examining how Cuba’s energy policy makers can solve the island’s energy problems, while still protecting the unique environment and beauty of Cuba. The trouble is that current Cuban policies to promote distributed power and renewables are just a costly short-term solution. Cuba will also need to invest in big power stations, if it is to deliver the industrial quantities of power needed for Cuba’s future economic growth. For Cuba, this could mean completing its nuclear power station at Juragua, though it is more likely in the short to medium term building a series of oil, gas or even coal power plants.

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