BASF and Gazprom celebrate 20-year partnership

􀂾 “A historic step for Europe’s energy supply”

􀂾 Governments praise the cooperation at festive ceremony

􀂾 Shared projects to produce natural gas


Berlin – November 22, 2010 – BASF and its oil and gas subsidiary Wintershall

commemorated 20 years of German-Russian economic history together

with Gazprom at an anniversary event in Berlin. The companies laid

the foundations for their cooperation in fall 1990 with a long-term agreement

to market Russian natural gas in Germany. Together with more than

200 guests, Dr. Jürgen Hambrecht, Chairman of the Board of Executive

Directors of BASF SE, and Alexey Miller, Chairman of the Management

Committee of OAO Gazprom, celebrated the anniversary of the successful

and pioneering economic cooperation. Today, the partnership between the

world’s leading chemical company and the world’s largest producer of

natural gas extends from the exploration and production of natural gas in

West Siberia to transportation through the Nord Stream pipeline and the

sale of the natural gas in Germany and Europe by the jointly owned natural

gas trading company WINGAS.


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