Headington road and pavement improvements

Now that all the improvements are completed. I wonder what people think of the
1. Overall, I think traffic appears to be travelling at a slower and smoother
2. Traffic appears to clear more quickly at Headington Carfax.
3. At the pinch point, I suggest the street lighting needs to be improved.
4. It is a pity that busses to London could not have their own dedicated bus
bay, perhaps at the Oxford side of Headington Carfax lights, where the present
park and ride stop is located. The current  arrangement leaves little room for
coach passengers, awaiting a long distance bus to London, Heathrow, Gatwick
and Stansted.
5. Another question I would like answered is why is there such a poor bus
service to High Wycombe?
6. Lastly, did everyone see the lunchtime BBC Show today at Thornhill? http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00w55b1 There
was a discussion about the County Council taking over responsibility for
funding bus passes and potential cuts to bus services. Amongst the people there
was Hugh Jaeger Chair of the Local bus user forum and local County Councillor
Liz Brighouse and the current leader of the County Council.

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