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Java’s Gas Supply Problems
Java is the economic heartland of Indonesia and it is where vmost of the demand for domestic gas is…Indonesia Gas Exports
In 2005, Indonesia was the world’s leading LNG gas exporter, today it is the third largest behind…Domestic Gas Market Changes
Despite gas output expected to climb from 72bcm in 2009 to 87bcm by 2019, Indonesian gas exports…Indonesian Gas to Peak in 2012
Indonesian gas production is set to grow from 72bcm in 2009 to a peak of 89bcm by 2012, before…Indonesian Refinery Pipedreams
Indonesia’s refinery and pipeline network has for over a decade, faced an investment drought. Its…Indonesia’s Oil Consumption
Indonesia is facing a widening gap its domestic oil production and consumption, despite government…Is Indonesia running out of oil?
Current trends are suggesting that all Indonesian crude oil production could cease by 2020, if no…Investing in Indonesian Oil and Gas!
Indonesia is facing an energy crunch! a look at the issues facing investors in the country’s oil…Washington DC
Work has started on the much anticipated Washington Marriott Marquis this month. The $520 million,…Travel News
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