Christmas is nearly here!

The seemingly never-ending Headington road works are coming towards an end. What has been achieved has been impressive, though I expect some of the design decisions such as the pinch point by Posh Fish will have to be reconsidered as the current design certainly obstructs the smooth flow of bus and coach traffic.

Despite all the millions spent on Headington’s pavements, it looks like residents will still endure getting wet, when it rains, by passing cars, whilst walking along the Bury Knowle  Park side of London Road.

 I see from local business gossip, that a new Thai restaurant is looking for somewhere to locate in Headington.

The Oxford Playhouse has announced tickets for sale its panto At least it should give us some amusement in these dark economic  times. In addition, at the BMW Mini Plant the Creation Theatre will be putting on Rapunzel – or the Magic Pig

 Elsewhere, I see Headington’s hospitals at the John Radcliffe and Churchill will be exhibiting work by local Oxfordshire artists.

Does anyone know when the internet café in what was the old William’s bike is due to reopen?

Furthermore, what is the future of the bathroom equipment shop, will the council allow a change of use, such as for an estate agency?

Well, with all this rain, gloom and doom, I think visiting the Cruise Show at the NEC will cheer one up.

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