Is it not time the boundaries of Oxford City council were changed?

At present, it appears daft that Oxford boundary is tightly drawn around the city around the ring road. It is silly that Oxford suburbs like Botley, Kidlington, Abingdon, Kennington, Wheatley are governed by none Oxford controlled local authorities when most of the people living there work in Oxford itself.

Here is a suggestion for the new government, change the boundaries of Oxford to include these suburbs and make Oxford a unitary authority.


One thought on “Is it not time the boundaries of Oxford City council were changed?

  1. It depends what you mean by sustainable!
    Allowing Oxford to expand, constructing new wind farms and building the new high-speed rail line between Birmingham and London is sustainable.
    The current policies preventing such development can be argued to be not being sustainable because:
    1. People are forced to commute long distances to work, which is not fuel, environmentally or time efficient.
    2. Increasing numbers of hard working people are unable to afford to live close to their work and friends.
    3. Valuable family city housing is lost as property developers are forced to divide homes into flats.
    4. Oxford suffers from increasing congestion and traffic pollution caused by out of town commuters.
    5. Oxford is increasingly being turned into an exclusive ghetto for the wealthy as the lower paid are forced to live in distant towns where housing is cheaper.
    6. Added costs are placed on public services, as developers are unable to concentrate development.
    7. Public services find it increasingly difficult and expensive to recruit staff.
    8. Land usage is not used efficiently or effectively under current policies.
    9. The present set up is undemocratic, in that the interests of the few are given a higher priority than those of the majority.
    10. The current policies ensure house prices are maintained at these crazy unsustainable levels.
    11. In addition, the current planning restrictions are restraint on the human rights of the land owner to develop how or she see fits and the rights of people to live where they like in affordable decent housing conditions.
    12. Just saying no, being a nimby is not sustainable, opponents need to come up with an alternative cost effective solution. Take for instance the UK needs to replace its fleet of aging power stations and improve its energy security, just saying no to building new power stations, wind farms etc, is not in the nation’s interest both environmentally and economically. If villages are to keep their village school, shop and pub, it means many villages will have to expand to ensure such facilities are viable.
    I see that the current government planning policy proposals will again make it easier for a rich person to build a new country mansion outside Oxford, than for a developer to build necessary affordable housing. So much for a big society!

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