William Shakespeare’s The Tempest performed by the Oxford Shakespeare Company in Wadham College Gardens, with music by Nick Lloyd Webber.

NOW ON: 9 June – 30 August 2010

Oxford Tickets: 01865 305 305

This production of Shakespeare’s last major play is fast, bold, full of action and only slightly marred by eccentricities that will not stop the majority of people from enjoying it. It uses experimental music and sound to meet to create the strange, magical atmosphere demanded by the play, combining this with a certain amount of light-hearted fun. Both the story and the comedy have survived the somewhat drastic cuts of director Mick Gordon, although it must be admitted that the masque of the three goddesses has been ditched in favour of a quick song, and Prospero’s stern speech to Ferdinand, his prospective son-in-law, about the perils of pre-marital sex, has been fearlessly axed. So have his frequent questions about the exact time which recur in the full-length play. And Ferdinand’s game of chess with Miranda has been replaced with a fencing match, perhaps to keep up the impetus and the pace. A chess-game possibly seemed too static? http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/Oxford-Theatre-Review.html


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