The National Centre for Domestic Violence opens in Oxford

The National Centre for Domestic Violence specialises in helping victims of domestic violence obtain non-molestation and other orders (injunctions) from court to protect them from further abuse.  Meeting with solicitors and proceeding through the Court system can be a daunting prospect for anybody, but here at NCDV we aim to make the whole experience fast, friendly and worthwhile.  Our free service is available to everybody, regardless of age, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

An Injunction will prohibit a violent or abusive partner or ex-partner (called a respondent) from using or threatening violence against you, or from pestering, intimidating or harrasing you.  It is a now a criminal offence to breach a non-molestation order, allowing the Police to arrest the respondent immediately.

Feedback from people who have obtained injunctions is very positive indeed, with most noticing an immediate change (for the better) in the respondent’s behaviour. It is also often said that by obtaining the injunction, the power has shifted from the abuser to the victim, and that the applicant suddenly feels empowered and at last in control of the situtaion.

For us to help you obtain an injunction, we will need to take a brief statement from you, outlining any history of abuse or violence and in particular any recent incidents or behaviour.  We will also need to include in the statement  details of any children living at the property and your relationship with the respondent.  Once a statement has been taken we will try and arrange a court date and time as soon as possible.  If you are eligible for public funding, we will allocate a solicitor to you who will meet you at Court.  If you are not eligible for public funding we will offer you assistance at Court (called a  “McKenzie Friend”) , who can accompany you and sit with you through the Court process.  There is no charge for this service.

To contact the NCDV, call 08709 220704

or 08009 702070.


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