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Samsung Galaxy Camera Review

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“The revolutionary Samsung Galaxy Camera gives you a new kind of photography”


This is a nifty device; it has an abundance of intriguing and useful features. It is not only a great camera, but it also has integrated into this device the features of a Galaxy S3 tablet PC, with android software, which means it is great value for money.

It not only looks great, it will impress your friends at work. Certainly, a device for the gadget obsessed man or woman in the street. This new Samsung device is not only a camera that takes great images and HD quality videos, it is a superb media device for playing games, answering emails, reading e-book’s and completing many office related tasks. You will discover that Samsung provides with this device an impressive list of features.

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Author: nicnewman

I am an Oxford based energy journalist, who writes about all aspects of the global energy business including exploration, production, investment, markets, technology, regulation, policy making and management. However, my specialist energy topics are the power sector and the offshore and onshore oil and gas business. In addition, for my corporate clients I provide copy writing services. I also am available for commissions on a wide variety of work. Since 2000, I have been editor of Oxfordprospect magazine, a monthly regional business news magazine, where you can see examples of my freelance journalism writing on other topics. To find out more http://www.nicnewmanoxford.com/

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