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UNDER MILK WOOD by Dylan Thomas at the Oxford Playhouse.

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” A touch of Wales in Oxford”

A REVIEW BY: Julia Gasper.


Image: Statue of Dylan’s fictional Captain Cat, in the Maritime Quarter, Swansea


This production by the Playhouse’s own 16/22 Company is full of fun, zest and creative ideas. It brings what was originally a radio play to the stage by means of mime, dance and music, the flexible cast going through rapid costume-changes to take multiple roles and act out little snatches of dialogue. Dressed in ballet leotards, the players form a chorus and act out being everything from children playing hopscotch and skipping, to pigs, horses, cows, or the waves of the sea.  http://www.oxfordprospect.co.uk/UNDER-MILK-WOOD-by-Dylan-Thomas-at-the-Oxford-Playhouse.html

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